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    G.O.T Quiz Night
    5.00 - 30.00
    The series is now but a memory, but now it is time to relive it one more time with an epic Game of Thrones quiz!
    So, gather your banner men, for you will need to call on all loyalties if your team is to successfully sit on the Iron Throne (or is it a wooden wheelchair now?) of Game of Thrones knowledge in the vast land of Hamilton.

    The cost is $5 per person and a maximum team size of 6 banner men.
    Please add your team name in the comments as well as the house you want to represent, when you purchase your tickets.
    We will be serving food and drink to fit the theme on the night.
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    Desi Beats - It's Cold Outside Party
    June 1st - The Quadrant becomes Desi Beats

    Get out of the cold and stay warm with the heat of Desi Beats dance floor with our hot Bollywood DJ.

    Tickets $10 online or $15 on the door.
    Coming soon
    Champion's League Final
    Catch the Champion's League Final LIVE at The Quadrant - if last year is anything to go by the atmosphere is going to be electric!

    Doors open from 6.15am. Make sure you're here early to grab a good spot.

    Tickets are $15 when pre-purchased, these get you entry + a coffee/tea/juice & a bacon butty or muffin. Tickets will be $20 on the door. Note this is a ticketed event.

    Liquor will be available, we're trying for an early licence, however worst case will be from 8am.
    All options are out of stock
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    Gift Vouchers
    30.00 - 50.00
    Gift vouchers are available for use at The Quadrant. Perfect as thank you gifts for teachers, coaches, house-sitters or as birthday presents for family and friends. Gift vouchers have a one year expiry on them from date of issue. They can be emailed or mailed out if you would like something tangible to give.
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