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    Meet us, the Team!

    We're hands on business owners and love working side by side with our team, we're not afraid to try new things and love to be innovative and creative in what we do.

    We believe our job is to help build and create new leaders as devoted to the world of hospitality business as we are. We love providing our customers the most sensational experience whey they come out to drink and dine, to do that we create an understanding within our team of why we do what we do. You'll learn more than how to carry a plate or cook a good steak, you will be a part of the process that creates a successful business.


    Every day we look to push the boundary and provide services that wow our customers. It takes an entire team untied behind our mission to consistently exceed their expectations. together we work hard, we laugh a lot, we take care of each other and in this environment we see people's passions and talents unfold.




    Our mission is to be the friendliest pub in Hamilton, providing good food and good service at a fair price.





    Our people, together – by empowering our people to take initiative, by providing and accepting opportunities to improve and by working together we will continue to succeed

    Be yourself – it’s about being authentically you, showing sincerity, letting personalities shine, encouraging diversity and having confidence in yourself

    Welcome as a friend – it’s having our customers tell us how warm and helpful we are, it’s remembering someone’s name, its building rapport and putting people at ease its showing interest and being interesting

    Passionately proud – it’s fostering a fun workplace because we love what we do, its having no regrets because we always do our best

    Exceed expectations – our focus on the customer’s experience shows we care and it makes a difference

    Can do – it’s about being resourceful and pro-active. An attitude that never accepts something can’t be done if the opportunity is worth stretching for



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    - Manager (Managers Certificate required)

    - Sales Host (server)

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