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An Interview with Inaal

One of The Quadrant's longest serving employees.

1. When did you start working at The Quad?

The 1st April 2011 - which is 6 years now!

2. What do you love about working here?

The very supportive bosses who help me reach my goals and always encourage me towards better opportunities.

3. Why did you decide to become a Chef?

I love cooking! Plus I always find it interesting how new dishes are created, and how I can constantly improve on classics by adding new elements to them.

4. Why should people come to The Quad?

We always aim to have great service, make an extra effort to remember our regulars, and make friends with them. We also have good value for money. Our food is not overpriced, and we make sure that we give a decent amount of food on every plate.

5. What’s your favourite moment from working here?

When customers are satisfied with the food. It makes me happy when they enjoy my cooking and return because of it.

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